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My love of writing inspires everything about who I am and how I see the world. My passion for helping others succeed at their craft makes my work well-worth the journey."

Michelle D. Jackson, Author, Entrepreneur, Non-Profit Director & Founder of the Black Writers Workspace

Available Books

Award-Winning Finalist in the American Book Fest's Fiction: Children's Educational category of the 2022 Best Book Awards!

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Poppi Makes Cajun Popcorn Magic

Young Adult (YA)/Business Book (Graphic Novel)

Eighteen-year-old Poppi LaFihe from New Orleans is an entrepreneur in the making. After perfecting her flavorful cajun popcorn seasoning, she sets out on a journey to learn how to be a successful business owner, innovator, and job creator. Poppi, supported by her friends, family, and mentors, takes a new product from the kitchen table to the boardroom, skyrocketing sales, building personal and professional skills, and growing into a confident business owner along the way. 

This book provides a comprehensive game-plan for building a startup company for serious entrepreneurs of all ages. It is perfect for aspiring business leaders, CEOs, and innovators interested in developing a high-growth, scalable food company.

East Baton Rouge Parish Library Interview - CLICK

Viva Nola Magazine Interview - CLICK

Award-Winning Finalist in the American Book Fest's Fiction: African-American category of the 2020 Best Book Awards!

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From Darkness to Night: Book One - Family Secrets

Women's Fiction

Six years of running isn’t long enough to help Reneata Morris escape the guilt and shame of her past. Leaving behind in Alabama her fiancé and first true love, Ty, who is willing to sacrifice everything to make her happy; Tess, her rambunctious little sister; and Gramps and JoAnn, her protective grandfather and estranged mother, who she later learns hides a horrid family secret. Reneata fights to overcome the generational curse of poverty, addiction, and rape, whose influences affect how she sees herself and the world. Now, struggling to heal after the murder of Ervin, her older brother, an art prodigy who struggled with drug addiction, Reneata is reluctantly admitted to Bethany Skylar Mental Institution after a suicide attempt.  But her time at the hospital is a blessing in disguise. While there, she befriends, Dr. Bobby Brown, a young, attractive psychiatrist who goes out of his way to help Reneata face her fears. But unbeknownst to her, Dr. Brown knows something about the days leading up to her brother’s murder that he, Gramps, and JoAnn all decide not to disclose to Reneata in fear that it would setback her recovery.

Second-Place Winner in the 2014 Author's Zone General Fiction Best Book Category

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The Heart of a Man

Christian Fiction


Handsome, smart, and in control of his life is how those who know him would describe 42-year-old Atlanta businessman, Conrad Bydon. He is CEO of a successful commercial real estate conglomerate, husband to the infamous Gennifer Davenport-Bydon, an Atlanta socialite, and father to Marvin, a rambunctious 16-year-old. But in the shadows of his life, he is plagued by nightmares of his deceased mother and the horrid death of his friend, Tommie. His childhood memories of the rough, poverty-stricken South Atlanta neighborhood he grew up in force him to face the harsh realities of what he sacrificed to obtain the wealth and notoriety he struggles to hold on to. Coupled with his decaying marriage and a barrage of trouble lurking just beneath the surface of his career, Conrad’s journey to self-discovery leads him towards an unpredictable path of adultery, financial ruin, and ultimately, suicide. But through the grace of God, Conrad’s life is spared, and he becomes a testament of God's love and commitment to those who follow Him.

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