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In March 2020, during the initial surge of the COVID virus, Author Michelle D. Jackson started a private Facebook group called the Black Writers Workspace with the desire to connect with Black writers around the world and to provide a platform to share information, learn from one another, and to express a shared love and admiration for writing. One year later, the group has grown to over 4,000 followers! As a result of Jackson's commitment to the black writer's community and the dedication of engaged writers and readers, the group has developed programs and events to propel black writers toward success.


The BWW has become a go-to place for sharing and learning about writing and diversity in writing. The community has hosted weekly, monthly and quarterly events and activities to help promote black authors, bloggers, content developers, editors, and other writing professions. Since its inception, Jackson has interviewed dozens of accomplished authors, editors, and publishers from around the world. The BWW has hosted two successful virtual book fairs, wrote and distributed weekly e-newsletters, moderated roundtable discussions, and created a platform to help Black writers sell their work. Jackson has been invited to speak on diversity and other issues at writing conferences and promoted the importance of supporting Black new and indie authors!

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Chapter One Writing Competition

Chapter One Writing Competition

BWW Ad Placement - Weekly e-Newsletter

BWW Ad Placement - Weekly e-Newsletter

Black Writers Workspace Online Catalog - Six-Month Listing + Author Interview

Black Writers Workspace Online Catalog - Six-Month Listing + Author Interview


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