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#PenPOSSE kicks off with virtual discussions on authenticity in writing, diversity & book marketing

The power of writing was fully displayed during the first two episodes of the Black Writers Workspace’s (BWW) #PenPOSSE Roundtable. Launched in 2020, #PenPOSSE is a virtual platform that brings BWW writers together to discuss the art of writing, diversity, and tools for navigating the publishing industry. In addition, it is a positive space for Black creators to share their writing experiences with a growing online fan base.

The roundtable is hosted by author and entrepreneur Michelle D. Jackson, the founder of BWW. The season kicked off in June with a high-energy discussion on “Finding Your Authentic Voice.” During the episode, writers shared techniques to overcome fears of transparency and truth in their work.

Key topics: · What do authenticity and truth mean to you? (12:51) · The importance of sharing your truth. (15:02 | 15:37) · Everyone has a voice. (17:30) · Do You! Telling your truth, your way. (32:52) · Writing a memoir and accomplishing self-growth and self-love. (40:20) · Finding your voice: the fear of sounding “white” or not sounding black enough. (43:38)

In July, #PenPOSSE tackled the topic, “My Manuscript is done, Now What?” During the roundtable, writers shared the do’s and don’ts to successfully publishing a book. The all-female panel discussed practical steps to getting manuscripts, in all genres, into the book marketplace.

Key topics: · Why must Black writers continue to write? (21:24) · Our history as griots. (23:80) · Demystifying what it means to be a black writer (18:51 | 28:04 | 26:22) · Diversity in writing (23:53 | 27:40) · Setting SMART goals (1:16:33) · Book marketing (1:54:00)

To view future roundtables, subscribe to the Black Writers Workspace YouTube channel:; Facebook page: or Spotify:

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August Topic: Writing the Black Experience & What Readers Want?

September Topic: ‘Manhood, Masculinity & Motivation: How Male Writers Find Purpose in the Pen’

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